City Tours

Relaxation and exploration

Saïdia and Oujda are two places that complement each other perfectly. Saïdia, the blue pearl of Morocco, welcomes you to its cutting-edge hotels that are as comfortable as they are environmentally friendly.

Oujda, meanwhile, has a different feel altogether. Going to this inland city removed from the Mediterranean and pacing along streets with a thousand years of historyis like entering an ancient town. Get a glimpse of "Old Morocco" in the medina, a neighborhood ringed by high walls that seems to have been forgotten by time.

Oujda is not, however, a dusty museum mired in the vestiges of its bygone glory. It is a modern city that embraces the new, as evidenced by the Palais Sebti, the cultural hub of Oujda. This venue hosts receptions, exhibitions and all kinds of events celebrating music, painting and the arts in general.

While Saïdia can flaunt its Mediterranean delights, Oujda has no cause for jealousy, for it has all the historical treasures.