Calm and well-being

Nature in all its forms

To the north of Saïdia lie the waters of the Mediterranean, while Oujda awaits further inland and to the south. Between the land and the sea, these two cities boast a variety of landscapes and put adventure within your reach.

Mother Nature has spoiled the area around Saïdia with fabulous scenery. Outfitters can arrange excursions that give you an up-close look at these masterpieces. Cape Ras-El-Ma juts into the sea a few miles from the city, where the coastline is jagged with cliffs that bottom out into a splendid white sand beach. Thrill seekers will climb to the top of the promontory to survey the panoramic view over dunes scattered with eucalyptus trees. Nature lovers who find themselves in Saïdia would be remiss if they did not make the trip to see the mouth of the Moulouya River. The protected site is full of all kinds of plants and frolicking birds.

There are plenty of possibilities – and certainly enough to ensure you won't be bored for a second during your time in Oujda-Saïdia