Saïdia is bezaaid met activiteiten

Saidia is rife with activities

Saïdia's beaches are an invitation to relaxation, but they are also playgrounds where active visitors can wear themselves out and push their limits. The beaches here have everything you need to enjoy a wide range of activities. Of course water sports reign here, with exhilarating options like windsurfing, kite-surfing and water skiing.

The town's marina is also a hive of activity: you can moor your boat here or rent a vessel and go on a Mediterranean fishing adventure. Surf casting is popular in the area... imagine standing on the shore, rod in hand, and casting your line in anticipation of a big catch.

Golf lovers will get a kick out of the Saïdia course. Hole after hole, your technique will improve as you avoid bunkers and streams on your way to the final green. This verdant course is appropriate for everyone – infact, it is a good place for beginners to learn the sport, but there are also a few challenges for accomplished golfers.

Saïdia loves its sports, so head to this resort town and plan your most active vacation yet.