Leisure activities

Beaches as far as the eye can see

Rabat offers up every kind of entertainment, including culture, green tourism and water activities.

Lapped by the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, the Moroccan capital offers myriad opportunities to relax on the warm sand and enjoy all kinds of water sports. The entire coastline is developed with beaches that extend all the way to Casablanca, boasting an array of sights and sounds. In the heart of the city, Udayas Beach serves up a beautiful setting: the fort perches high above the ocean on a rock and towers over the sandy expanse below. The Rabat Yacht Club manages the beach facilities, which hum with activities like kayaking and windsurfing.

Beaches stretch down the coast all the way to Casablanca. They each have their own unique character. Some are intimate in scale, while others are more expansive, but they all have fine, golden sand and rising and falling tides that will delight and distract you.

For outdoor enthusiasts, surfing, jet skiing and horseback riding are all leisure options available to you at the beaches of Rabat.

Whether you choose to lounge about or get moving, Rabat's private and public beaches will satisfy your craving.