Diversity and quality

Upscale shopping in Rabat

Rabat is a modern city, but it is still a place where traditions are handed down from generation to generation. Shopping in the capital city means discovering the rich variety of local crafts, but it also means enjoying ultra-modern facilities and strolling down streets that feature all the major national and international retail brands.

The city's wide boulevards and decongested thoroughfares are strewn with boutiques. Many famous brands have opened shops here – tothe delight of shopaholics! Watchmakers, jewelers, opticians, clothing shops and much more offer quality products. Convenient public transportation options, including two tramway lines, make it easy for you to work your way through the city's main shopping district until you've found your heart's desire.

The capital city also has impressive malls. They have been designed with your comfort in mind, gathering the biggest brands and essential services in a central location. At the Megamall, for example, treat yourself to bowling or skating or have a bite at a cafe or restaurant.

Rabat is active, busy and always full of surprises, including tons of opportunities to quench your thirst for shopping.