Safi or the sweetness of life

The sweet life

Lapped by the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, Safi is a beach town where a pleasant stay is guaranteed. Its inviting climate features mild temperatures and abundant sunshine. As for its beaches, they are all equally suited to intensive sports or hours of idleness.

LallaFatna is probably the city's most renowned beach because of its idyllic location, where high cliffs provide shelter from the wind. Make yourself comfortable on the ocean's edge and relax to the sound of breakers crashing into the beach or admire the prowess of surfers as they glide on top of the waves.

Halfway between Safi and Oualidia, the beach at Cap Beddouza beach is another slice of heaven on earth. The setting is enchanting: as the sun’s rays strike the sandy expanses, they bathe the whole area in soft golden light. A stone's throw away on the promontory you will find a majestic lighthouse that lends even more character to this delightful beach.

Finally, Souiria Lakdima – 23 miles south of Safi – isperhaps the most bustling beach in the area. It is perfect for a host of activities, including fishing, hiking and every water sport you can think of.

With the ocean on the horizon and beaches as far as the eye can see, how could you resist the charms of Safi?