Pottery, an ancestral art

Pottery, the official art form of Safi

Safi is more than a world-famous surfing destination. It is also a small town steeped in history and authenticity whose ceramics have a reputation of their own.

Recognizable by their typical blue color, the amphorae, flowerpots and everyday objects like cups, bowls and plates hand crafted by Safi's potters are bound to make you want to buy some for yourself.

Indeed, this little town on the edge of the Atlantic is one of Morocco's ceramics capitals. The city's rich history and long tradition of craftsmanship are impressive. Head to its medina to watch iron workers and potters. These passionate artists are experts at handling the exceptional Safi clay. Have a chat with them and they will let you in on the best-kept secrets, sending you off with plenty of memories, not to mention souvenirs for your suitcase!