Between Europe and Afrique

A city straddling two worlds

Tangier is a bustling city where past and present intermingle. There are treasures of Spanish-Moorish architecture and wondrous works by local craftsmen, as well as extremely entertaining festivals and the most modern creations.

Diverse influences converge in Tangier. The Kasbah and Mendubia Park are clustered near an authentic medina. A bit further, you will find Plaza de Toros, Cervantes Theater and Café Hafa, where Sean Connery and the Rolling Stones have sipped on mint tea.

Tangier is also a city of artists. The city's charms have always inspired the greats, including Delacroix, Matisse, Tennessee Williams and Paul Bowles. These days Tangier showcases its musical heritage: the city hosts a jazz festival each year, as well as Mediterranean Nights, an event that celebrates the sounds of three continents.

Tangier, on the frontier between Europe and Africa, is a cosmopolitan city where past and present mix.