A city at the forefront

The best of land and sea

With the blue hues of the sea and the ocean to the north and the Rif mountains to the east, Tangier and Tetouan showcase a variety of natural backdrops.

Adventure awaits on the outskirts of Tangier. If you like scuba diving, plunge into the waters of the Strait of Gibraltar and feast your eyes on the spectacular underwater scenes of fish flitting around seaweed and rocks. Further to the west, off the Atlantic coast, visitors flock to Cap Spartel, home to the Caves of Hercules. The massive granite rock is pierced through with light and caves that open to the ocean and to the African continent. It's a sight like no other. On the Mediterranean coast, Ksar Sghir is equally appealing with pretty coves where you can make lasting memories.

 The seaside resort town of Tamuda Bay offers up miles of fine sandy beaches just outside Tetouan. But don’t forget that Tetouan is also surrounded by a striking hinterland where the Rif calls out to adventure seekers. Thalassemtane Park has nearly 150,000 acres of protected land. Head there to traverse the massif, ford its streams and soak in the beauty of the scenery from atop a cliff. The Rif is a slice of heaven for nature lovers eager to observe a startling array of wildlife: eagles, harriers and even monkeys will keep you company on your hikes!

With mountains and waves, Tangier and Tetouan are a vast playground full of possibility and unexpected sights for explorers.