Golf, hiking or water sports in the city of the Strait

A plethora of outdoor activities

Because they are at the crossroads of civilizations, Tangier and Tetouan have borrowed from an array of influences. The same applies to their recreational options: these are cities where you can partake in all kinds of sports.

Golf is a local favorite. The 18-hole course in Tangier attests to a long tradition. This course designed by architects Cotton and Pennink opened in 1914 and was the first golf course in Morocco. Today, it is a modern course with fairways, greens and bunkers in a splendid setting. The air that wafts through the cypress and pine trees smells of eucalyptus and Tangier, the White City, stands in the background as you indulge your passion. Not to be outdone, Tetouan also boasts an 18-hole course with views of the Rif mountains that are just as thrilling to play.

These two cities on the strait and the Mediterranean are naturally well suited to water sports. Tetouan has ultra-modern facilities at Tamuda Bay, as well as 10 miles of coastline where you can choose from jet skiing, water skiing, windsurfing and kayaking. If that isn't enough to satisfy you, head to the fully equipped fitness center at the thalassotherapy spa.

Finally, there is the hinterland, with its call of the wild: the terrain of the Rif is a gorgeous setting for hiking and backpacking. Here in the mountains, the pleasures of exercise mingle with the joys of discovery.

Tangier and Tetouan are picturesque, active cities. Whether you choose to explore them at a leisurely pace or through a thrilling activity, you can't go wrong.