Shopping in the streets of Taroudant

Buy from local artisans in the streets of Taroudant

Do you dream of combining your two favorite pastimes – shoppingand exploring new places? In Taroudant, you can get acquainted with crafts from the region, as well as the most typical Moroccan products, such as argan oil and saffron, which is often called "red gold" because of its color.

You are bound to fall for some of the countless souvenirs and baubles you find here, for the handiwork in this city is strongly influenced by expert Berber (Amazigh) artisans! You will notice it as you browse the stalls for jewelry and other silver items like ceremonial rifle butts and daggers. The women of Taroudant proudly show off their jewelry on a daily basis. Head to the tanners' market and watch the craftsmen treat their hides using eco-friendly techniques and come back with handmade bags, shoes and more. Handwoven wool rugs with geometric designs are also a feast for the eyes.

Lastly, you must take home some of Taroudant's natural products: the celebrated argan oil for culinary and beauty applications and saffron, one of the world's most fragrant spices. Chat with the merchants and you'll see they are delighted to share their secrets with you.