The Trophée Roses des Sables

The Trophée Roses des Sables, a competition exclusively reserved for women, which is part of the great tradition of African rally raids.

Created in 2001, the event consists in allowing each woman to access an international competition since it is accessible to all. To participate, it is enough to constitute a crew 4×4 or SSV with a pilot and a co-pilot, of at least 18 years and to have a driving licence.

The Roses des Sables Trophy is not a speed race (no notion of time is retained), but an orienteering event. When in the heart of a desert without landmarks, three tracks stretch towards infinity, it is a matter of deciphering the Road Book to take the right one. Not so simple... The talent of the drivers remains constantly solicited to avoid the wadi traps softened by the heat, and of course for the crossing of the dunes, as much awaited as feared by the participants. After the stage, the Roses take their quarters in organized bivouacs, or at the hotel for the days of departure and arrival.

Date event

From 13 Oct To 25 Oct 2020