In the west the country is washed by the waters of the Atlantic city of Agadir - one of the jewels of Morocco. Regardless of the season, the sun lights up the city with a mild climate, which becomes even more pleasant thanks to the monsoons. First of all, the city has a 10-km long promenade, where tourists can admire the magnificent view of the blue ocean and where they can relax in the best conditions, which are currently only you can imagine.

Being the main seaside resort of the country, the city boasts 300 days of sunshine a year and a busy life. Overlooking the waterfront cafes and restaurants will acquaint you with local cuisine and offers sample their specialties, so you made a conscious decision to please your taste buds!

Going to the city center, you will see the market stalls El-Hud is located along the streets with more than 6,000 shops. They will awaken your curiosity, here you can practice the art of bargaining, talking to traders while walking through a busy city. The city never sleeps, and every summer there is held the festival "Timitar" dedicated to the world and, in particular, amazighskoy music.

Agadir open ocean and the world, and is a vibrant city, suitable for a relaxing break.


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