Azilal Valley and happy people

Extend your trip to Morocco, going on a trip to Azilal. The beauty of this city, located in the heart of the Atlas Mountains, is striking in its majestic beauty. There are well developed ecotourism. Locals happy to show you the works of folk art. They cherish their culture and engaged in the development of handicraft production.

The kitchen of this region is rich and diverse. Come here to try such dishes as Berber couscous, tagine and fish tagine with olives, cooked with argan oil.

Local attractions and beauty of wild nature will not leave anyone indifferent. Going to explore the local surroundings, you can admire the splendor of the falls Ouzoud, see the local "Wonder of the World", a stunning natural bridge in Imi EnIfri about demnate, plunge into the blue waters of Lake Bin El_Vidan, take a refreshing dip in the gorge Ahansal river or stroll through the beautiful natural parks Tamga.

And the last place that necessarily nuzhnoposetit - is AytBugumez valley in the shadow of the majestic Mount Mgouna, which rises more than 3960 meters. It mestonazyvayut "Valley of happy people."

And after a long journey, you can relax and appreciate the local hospitality in the restaurant, taste traditional mint tea and delicious Moroccan pastries.



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