Rabat : modern metropolis with a rich history

Rabat - the cultural center with a rich history. Its streets and squares are full of masterpieces. Visit the Kasbah of Uday, whose majestic silhouette is softened by the surrounding gardens. Not far from its walls lies Chellah necropolis Marinids times. A visit to this complex looks like a journey into another world: the ancient remains striking strolling through its gardens where storks live.

In addition, Rabat - modern, attentive to the environmental capital that can be proud of its green spaces. Here you will find many parks, such as the botanical gardens and exotic gardens Buknadel just a few kilometers from the city. Adjacent to the ocean area is also well organized. Improved beaches stretch for several kilometers along the Atlantic Ocean to the nearby Casablanca.

city ​​modern atmosphere can be traced in its infrastructure and festivals to ensure a comfortable and interesting stay in the capital. All the modern facilities - the airport, tram line leading to shopping centers, cafes and restaurants - are close by. Finally, in Rabat, pay tribute to the music like in no other city: Mavazin, Chellahe jazz and other festivals fill the air with playful sounds and rhythms from around the world!

All this reinforces the attraction of Rabat, where the treasures of the past coexists with the most modern and environmentally friendly developments.


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