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Golf in morocco: More than one hundred years of history…

Morocco is celebrating more than one hundred years of golf history in the Kingdom of golf. The first greens, which appeared in Tangier in 1914, were designed by the famous British architects Cotton & Pennink. In 1930, the second golf course of the Kingdom was born: the Royal Golf Mohammedia: still very British and in the purest Scottish tradition. Three years earlier in 1927, the Marrakech Pacha imagined the Royal Golf Marrakech, which was finally established in 1933. These three courses represented in the 1930’s the very essence of golfing in Morocco and it took time for new golf courses to be built. Morocco started at the beginning of the 1970’s a large scale golf program, inspired by the visionary late King Hassan II. He launched the largest golf course in Morocco, the Royal Golf Dar Es Salam: 45 holes designed by Robert Trent Jones Senior. While the prestigious Hassan II Golf Trophy was used as a powerful advertising medium internationally to put Morocco’s golf to the forefront. Golf in Morocco has been developing ever since, to become a full fledged tourism product with famous golf destinations.

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Golf in Morocco: It’s about a lot more than simply golfing…

From the North to the South, experiencing golf in Morocco depends on whether golfers want to discover sunny beach resorts, to experience the game at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, the Mediterranean or the cities famous for their history and culture. Seven different golf experiences and seven different ways to practice the sport in: Imperial Marrakech, Agadir Resort, Royal Rabat, Casablanca Coast, Historic Heartland, Tangier Peninsula or Mediterranean Coast. Morocco is offering golf amateurs and professionals multiple landscapes. Golfing in Morocco is part of a much wider tourism offering. As a matter of fact, a wide range of hotels are offering various activities related to wellbeing, nature and adventure, water sports... The Moroccan open sky offers very good connections to and between the major tourist destinations. Thus making Morocco an ideal golf break destination. Located less than three hours flight away from the major European capitals, Morocco offers nice weather and pleasant temperatures throughout the year together with golf courses designed by the most famous international architects. Players will enjoy a high diversity of golf courses, in terms of landscape as well as playing techniques. Other advantages are the highly competitive green fees as well as the low caddies’ fees.

Imperial Marrakesh


A golfing destination by excellence, Marrakech boasts 12 courses ranging from 9 to 36 holes with very different identities, making each day a unique experience, with the snow-covered High Atlas as a backdrop. Further west, the resort of Essaouira-Mogador is home to an 18-hole course carved out of the beautiful Diabat forest with the Atlantic Ocean on the horizon.

Agadir Resort


In the forest of Bensergao, not far from the Souss Massa National Park, are cut three courses of 36 holes which make the uniqueness of Agadir, as an exceptional beach and golf resort. Further north is the very hilly golf course of the Taghazout Bay resort, whose Atlantic is the simplest backdrop.

Royal Rabat


Known for its famous 45-hole golf course, Rabat is a very attractive golfing destination because of its technical courses. Further north of the city is the Montgomerie Rabat, whose 18 holes are invigorated by Atlantic breezes.

Casablanca Coast

Casablanca-El Jadida-Bouznika

The surroundings of Casablanca abound with a wide variety of golf courses, such as in El Jadida with two complementary courses between ocean and forest, in Casablanca with urban and forest golf courses, and in Mohammedia and Bouznika, with golf courses lulled by the Atlantic.

Historic Heartland


The historical heartland of Morocco, the Fes-Meknes region, is home to golf courses of great singularity, such as the Royal Golf Fes that overlooks the mountains of the Middle Atlas, the Oued Fes Golf Club that follows the valley of the same name, or the Michlifen Golf Resort in the heart of the cedar forest of Ifrane, or the Royal Golf Meknes whose fairways border the ramparts of the Royal Palace.

Tangier Peninsula


The Tangeir Peninsula area has the oldest golf course in Morocco, which opened in 1914, the Royal Golf Tanger, as well as the brand new Al Houara Golf Club south of Tangier and the Cabo Negro Golf Beach on the Tétouanaise coast (north of Tétouan).

Mediterranean Coast


The beach resorts of Saidia & Marchica (Nador) are offering a wide range of golfing activities with two 18-hole golf courses in Saïdia and a golf academy in Nador.

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