Morocco, Land of Football


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From the souk to luxury shops

Shop till you drop in the the trendiest places of the white city. From high fashion to traditional babouches, reset your style !

shopping in Casablanca

Shop in the oasis of ochre lights !

Admire the region's must-see museums, and explore Amazigh carpets and other stunning heritage creations. Be dazzled by the charm of the open-air movie land and bring back unforgettable memories.

shopping in Ouarzazate-Zagora-Tinghir

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Long-standing Amazigh crafts in Taroudant

Perfectly surrounded by mountains, Taroudant is the capital of crafts and Amazigh jewellery. Take a good shopping spree in the souks and markets until you drop !

shopping in Taroudant

Shop till you drop in Mogador

Known as "Mogador", Essaouira is where you'ill find the refined shopping areas : ancestral Bazars, oriental showrooms, vibrant local crafts. Indulge yourself with an unequalled shopping trip !

shopping in Essaouira-Mogador

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berber craft in agadir tourism in morocco

Explore the magnetic shops for a stroll

Agadir, an overflowing seaside city with outstanding natural resources, drowns you in the beauty of its traditional souks and modern shops. From local products, to crafts, and to jewelry ... you'll feel overwhelmed !

shopping in Agadir-Taghazout

Safi pottery, an ancestral art

In Safi, shopping is more than buying: it's exploring new things where heritage, tradition, and know-how perfectly meet. Mostly renowned for its special clay, it hides treasures of ceramics and pottery, in various shapes and colours !

shopping in Safi

Moroccans crafts and traditionals products for shopping in the soulk of safi
luxury shopping in Marrakech

Shopping break in Marrakech

The alluring and colourful souks, luxury shops of Gueliz, international brands and art galeries, help make Marrakech an inescapable place to experience shopping. Shop in one of the best destinations in the world !

shopping in Marrakech

Stroll the stunning places of Fez

An absolute open air museum, Fez invites you to shop in its Hispano-Moorish influenced stalls. Get immersed and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the imperial city.

shopping in Fez

discovre the Souk of the old city of fes crafts and culture
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An ultimate retail therapy in the imperial city

Rabat, one of the impercial cities renowned for its rich heritage sites. Watchmakers, chocolate makers, booksellers, craftsmen and international brands, the city promises you the sun and moon !

shopping in Rabat