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Beach in Oujda-Saidia

Expansive fine and white sand

Expansive fine and white sand

Holidays by the sea, with friends or family

Saidia, the pearl of the Mediterranean, is a seaside resort, entirely devoted to relaxation and your well-being. For a few days, you can forget your daily routine and relax in state-of-the-art institutes with high concerne for sustainable development.

These paradisiac beaches, seem to extend to infinity. With 14 kilometres of fine sand, you can only relax and indulge in a peaceful moment. On a deckchair, in the shade of a parasol, while being rocked by the rolling waves, let yourself be tempted by a wonderful contemplation moment of picturesque landscapes.

While resting on these beaches, there’s enough eye candy to ensnare your imagination. Modern, these beaches were designed to meet tourists expectations with a plethora of fun activities. In quiet and warm waters, perfectly secured, you will have fun with your family or friends. Take your pick from windsurfing, kite surfing, diving or water skiing.

Plunge into cold and fresh water, and fuel up with thrill and excitment in the pearl of the Mediterranean. 

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