Morocco, Land of Football

Thrills and excitement for sport lovers

Keeping the thrill along the journey

Morocco is also a country for sportsmen. It has a never-ending array of exciting activities such as : water sports, golf and hiking. Its picture perfect nature, with its modern and varied infrastructures, offer you infinite possibilities to enjoy your stay. Indulge the plethora forms of sports, from water sports to air sports, and explore explore a new side of the city.

Horseback riding, a deep-rooted heritage

The national stud farms of Marrakech, Meknes, Oujda, El Jadida and Bouznika, are a living proof of long-standing heritage of horseback riding in Morocco. Whether it’s for an exciting obstacle course or a quite ride along the beach, or along a scenic hinterland, enjoy the best of horseback riding in the land of sun.

Horseback Riding

Cycling close to picture perfect nature

Spinning your wheels in the city or in the Atlas Mountains, is just another thrilling activity you can have ! In Agadir and in Marrakech, there are routes in the middle of national parks surrounded by high mountains such as Talassemtane, where mountain bikers are brought together into challenges.


A jump into the fantastic underworld

Ready, set, go cave exploring. As you discover some of its magnetic caves, you’ll be impressed their magical architectures. The most popular one, the spectacular Hercules in Tangier, takes you into a legendary journey that let your imagination run wild. Kehf Tikhoubai, located in the Middle Atlas, is just another wonder not to miss : its galleries almost drowned in the bowels of the earth at a depth of nearly 310 metres.


Sport fishing, a long-standing tradition

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city, and explore the city’s rivers. Fulfill your fishing fantasies on the best spots offered by Moroccan coasts ; the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean. Agadir, Legzira, Essaouira, the bay of Dakhla or the shores of Sidi Ifni are some great spots to go deep-sea fishing.

Sport Fishing

Thrills and adrenaline pumping with Rafting

In the mountains, water provides the excitement and challenge of white water ! The Oued Ahansal offers you two days of thrillubg sports ; a 45 km downhill rafting, to reach the famous large lake of Bin el Ouidane, you won’t ask for more stimulating activity.