Morocco, Land of Football

Art of living and cultural traditions in Morocco

Long-standing traditions

A rich country in long-standing culture, Morocco is home to vibrant preserved traditions through generations. Every festival, ritual or special gathering is a symbol of the the living arts in the country. Get a taste of traditional Moroccan experiences in every corner during your stay.

A vibrant culture

If you want an immersive experience in both Moroccan culture and traditions, the medinas are the perfect choice. As you stroll the streets of each medina, observe the hidden details of Moroccan daily life. As a meditaranean country, Morocco is renowned for its friendly gatherings : from a refreshing tea ceremony to a delicious Couscous, the staple of solidarity, to a colourful folklore celebration, you’ll get back home with amazing memories to share.


Parties and celebrations

Several Moroccan events and celebrations take place in all Moroccan cities. These cultural and religious events that perfectly symbolize Moroccan traditions, are held during the famous Moussems and festivals.  Don't miss the Tan-Tan festival, which is particularly renowned and has been listed as part of the cultural and intangible heritage of humanity since 2008, the Cherry Festival in Sefrou, the Moussem of Roses in Kalâat M'gouna or the Gnaoua festival in Essaouira. Celebrate the Moroccan way !


Gnaoua Music

Gnaoua music takes us on a spiritual but also cultural journey. Being classified by UNESCO as World heritage since 2019, Gnawa music tells the story of slaves from sub-Saharan Africa. This ritual song with traditional music and dancing let you just go with the flow. The artists put on colourful costumes and sing to the beat of "Lguembri" and "Qraqeb", which are the two musical instruments of the Gnaouas. It’s not a surprise that great artists such as Led Zeppelin, Pat Metheny, Didier Lockwood or Marcus Miller have come to Morocco only to perform alongside the greatest musicians.

Gnaoua Music