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Taroudant, the little Marrakech

Taroudant, another version of Marrakech

Taroudant with its majestic ramparts, is one of the most beautiful towns in Morocco. Stroll in the shade of its walls full of history and whose towers have stood for more than five centuries to protect the ancient capital from the Saadian sultans. All day long, the sun strikes these high stone columns and bathes the city in a light where the gold of its rays blends well with the ochre of the walls.

City of deep-rooted and long-standing history, Taroudant has a lot of stories to tell. Here, the dynamic of modern life blend seamlessly with the traditional heritage. Venture into the middle of its active souks alleys, negotiate with the merchants  on the stalls, and discover all the richness of local craftsmanship. Leather is particularly famous, as well as terracotta trinkets and Amazigh jewellery.

Taroudant has also made a specialty, argan oil. If you want to meet specialists of this delight, go outside the ramparts, and visit cooperatives and private individuals who shell the nuts, press them, extract the substantial marrow, and then make whole oils ready to taste.

In addition to all of these assets, Taroudant is the starting point of many hikes. Located in the center of the two Atlas mountains, it benefits from an advantageous position where hikers and backpackers come in droves.

Nature and culture, modernity and tradition, Taroudant is definitely not lacking of attractions. Roam through its streets, criss-cross its surroundings and paint your stay with the colors of Morocco.


Popular in Taroudant

  1. Claudio Bravo Palace
  2. Tanneries
  3. Horse Farm
  4. Village of Tifnit
  5. Amazigh Souk

The essentials of Taroudant