Morocco, Land of Football

Oujda-Saidia, pearl of the Mediteranean

Oujda-Saïdia, between nature and culture

Saidia symbolizes Morocco of blue and warm waters. Either it’s for holidays with family or in a couple, or with your friends, don’t miss out the opportunity to admire the splendid nature of the region. Go for a stroll in the city, visit the architectural heritage and long-standing medina in Oujda.

With an impressive 14 kilometres of lovely white golden sandy beach and a generous sun shining all year round, The seaside resort of Saidia is an inevitable haven. At the water's edge or nearby, many activities are available to you including water sports and golfing. In the evening, the marina is the perfect spot to taste the delights of the region.

Sixty km away from Saïdia, Oujda reveals the richness of its long history. From the medina and its monumental gates, to a cultural journey inside Sebti palace, to Lalla Aicha park which is a small haven of freshness inside the city.

Oujda-Saïdia is all this : mindfulness, joy, and enough excitment to spend an unforgettable stay !


Popular in Oujda-Saïdia

  1. The Marchica Lagoon
  2. The Zegzel Valley
  3. The park lalla Meryem
  4. Plat Berkoukech
  5. Al Kabir Mosque and its three fountains

The essentials of Oujda-Saïdia

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