Morocco, Land of Football

Sport in Oujda-Saidia

Endless sporting activities at the seaside

Endless sporting activities at the seaside

Saïdia, ideal haven for sports

Saidia's beaches are the perfect places for relaxation and serenity. But they are also real playgrounds on which the most athletic are working out, and beating challenges. With high-end infrastructures, Saidia allows you to practice a plethora of activities. Water sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing or water skiing, are some of exciting thrills that await you !

The city's marina is juste another wonder ! It gives you the opportunity to moor a boat, rent one and go fishing in the middle of the Mediterranean waters. Surfcasting is also a possibility in the surrounding area. On the shore, with a rod in your hand, throw your line into the waves and wait for the right catch.

For golf enthusiasts, enjoy discovering Saidia's golf course. try after try, test your technique, cross bunkers and streams until you achieve it. In a green setting, beginners are invited to explore a new sport, while experienced golfers are offered thrilling challenges !

Sports activities in Saidia cannot be overlooked ! Join the seaside town and indulge yourself in a joyful stay ! 

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