Morocco, Land of Football

Discovering Moroccan gardens

Colourful gardens

The richness of Morocco is also in its fauna and flora diversity, amongst which are the stunning gardens. Morocc is filled with hundred of stunning gardens that take you on a journey to the past. As you stroll the gardens you’ll find peace and serenity in these magical places.

The exotic gardens of Rabat

For some harking back to nature, and a getaway away from the hectic city centres, go to the exotic gardens of Bouknadel. Only twenty kilometres from the city of Rabat, these gardens will take you on a contemplative journey as you roam through the place.

Peacefulness, bird songs, floral species, everything comes together to re-create a paradisiacal garden, where the rarest floral species are enchanted by the touch of the small rays of sunshine. Designed by Marcel François, this little paradise on earth offers an exotic scenery to its visitors, taking shape through a cave, the starting point, which later gives way to several brightly coloured gardens.

It's an ingenious idea that traces the aspects of jungles and exotic forests, cracked by streams of water and arranged in several labyrinth-like alleys. A garden, an exotic journey that pulls you away from present moment, leaving you with the vegetation and the scenery.

The exotic gardens of Rabat

Jnan sbil Gardens

Jnan Sbil or "Paradise", these gardens are peaceful lands. They are the lungs of the city of Fez and the green capital of this imperial city.

Although they have undergone a rejuvenation, the green parks symbolize Morocco's history and ancient architecture ; it was during the time of Prince Moulay Abdellah that this botanical garden was built to serve as a public park.

The garden is divided into several spaces: each space takes you into its own universe, charms you with its own vegetation and seduces you with its unique beauty.

If you are staying in Fez, a visit to the gardens is not to miss. You’ll have a pure moment of happiness and contemplation. There are 7 hectares of space where you can walk, stroll and rest amidst century-old trees of all kinds and fountains that give a breath of fresh air to the place.

Jnan sbil Gardens

The Majorelle Garden

Tourists from all over the world flock to this small peaceful land, located inside of the ochre city. A green and colourful scenery and lush vegetation rise in all shapes and forms around the Majorelle blue ornaments.

The Majorelle garden of Marrakech is a masterpiece that highlights the Amazigh culture and modern art. Since its opening and thanks to the inspiration of Jacques Majorelle, the garden has been hosting several plants from different continents: bamboos, palms, cacti, flowering pots and plants.

As you stroll through this poetic garden, a Moorish-style café-restaurant is as charming as its surroundings. At the back of the garden, an Amazigh museum is open to tourists who are instantly impressed by the rich culture of this people.

People come to Marrakech to delve into in the beauty of the garden, but also to take beautiful and colourful photographs.

The Majorelle Garden