Morocco, Land of Football

Mountains and green spaces off the beaten track

Mountains, a world of intrigue for nature lovers

Morocco is a country beautifully surrounded by mountains. The three Atlas Mountains and the Rif show marvellous rugged landscapes but they also make authentic playgrounds for thrill seekers !

Discover exciting outdoors activities : Mountain biking, rafting, skiing, accrobranche, mountain biking and even lazing around !

Splendour has an address ! Admire the stunning landscapes surrounding you and go exploring the small treasures awaiting for you.

Climbing Mount Toubkal

Whether it’s a solo or a group adventure, the hiking to Mount Toubkal is an extraordinary self-accomplishment, a physical-challeging achievement and an opportunity to soak up in the marvelous landscapes of the Atlas Mountains. Depending on the height of the summit, it takes two or three days trek.

For thrill and adrenaline seekers, don’t wait any longer ! Prepare your trekking boots, sleeping bag, gloves and jackets, and set off on an unforgettable journey to the highest peak in North Africa.

Adventures, landscapes, challenging obstacles... The circuit is beautifully animated ! Start from the village of Imlil and go exploring the rich culture of the village. When tiredness strikes, go to the mountain huts to spend the night in before continuing the next day to the summit.

Once you reach the summit, you’ll be blown away with a panoramic view of gleaming clouds and by the quietness that leaves you with the wind noise.


Trek at the happy valley Ait Bouguemez

With its geographical diversity, Morocco has earned its international consideration thanks to its unique geographic features that never ceases to amaze its visitors.

Many tourists go there to experience many outdoor activities : from mountain climbing, mountain biking, quad biking, horseback riding, to tree climbing... Escape the ordinary in scenic and gorgeous nature.

Far from the beaches and coastal towns, deep in the mountains are hidden little treasures and unknown valleys. The Ait Bouguemez valley, know as the happy valley, is a perfect place for hiking.

The valley will charm you with its expanses of high cultivated plateaus such as: Mgoun, Rat or the Azourki peak. Also get to know the local inhabitants who will shower you with their unparalleled hospitality.

Ait-Bouguemez Valley

Skiing at Michlifen station

At the Michlifen resort, get ready for winter sports ! 17 km far from the town of Ifrane, the Michlifen resort nestles in the mountains at an altitude of 2000 metres. The station being surrounded by cedar forests and covered with snow from mid-November, gives joy to the sport lovers. Whether you are an amateur or expert, 5 ski slopes are there for you to use and begin your snowy journey.

In this ski resort, you can also go hiking or horseback riding. At the Michlifen place, an accrobranche circuit will take you on a journey of sensational discoveries. When you think it’s all over, there are still many other activities such as Mountain bikes and Montain Bikes.