Morocco, Land of Football


At the crossroads of cultures

Stroll every corner of Morocco's most cosmopolitan city ! Immerse yourself in a spiritual and historical journey between traditions and modernity.

medina in Casablanca

Unique crafts and traditions

Ouarzazate, is the heartland of the southern region, where kasbahs, oases, arid mountains, are all elements that embellish the splendid city. Revel in the lights and the sumptuous settings that one hosted Game of Thrones, Alibaba, Gladiator, and many more.

medina in Ouarzazate-Zagora-Tinghir

OUARZAZATE Ait ben habbou town in Morocco
Village near Tafraout

Azilal, a rich history

Renowned as the Kingdom's water tower, Azilal invites you to uncover its natural treasures and emblematic monuments that reveal their secrets to every visitor.

medina in Azilal

Crafts and Amazigh traditions

Built at the crossroads of the desert, the Souss valley and the High Atlas mountains, Taroudant invites you to a dive into history of the mythical lands of the caravanners. This city with a rich and diversified cultural heritage is not lacking in attractions.

medina in Taroudant

Metal utensil stamping on Moroccan market
Tents and bivouacs in the moroccan sahara

Delve into traditional festivals

With its eye-popping scenery and its special night-time atmosphere, this region offers you an immediate change of scenery. Either it's in Errachidia, in Midelt, or in Merzouga, venture into a nomadic culture out of time !

medina in Errachidia-Midelt-Merzouga

The Secrets of El Jadida

Being an absolute cultural spot and cradle of artists, this ancient Portuguese city has all the assets to charm its visitors. Here is where, as the legend goes, that the figurine Aicha la contessa "Kendicha" was born.

medina in El Jadida-Mazagan

falconniers in el Jadida a cultural heritage tourism in morocco

Mogador for ever

Built in the footsteps of Western and Eastern cultures, Essaouira is a source of inspiration for artists from all over the world, who enjoy its picturesque landscape as much as its lively alleys.

medina in Essaouira-Mogador

A bridge between Europe and Africa

The white Tangier, is the famous city that has bewitched artists from all over the world. Flying over the city, you'll see its splendid narrow streets lined with white facades, its high walls, and its mythical fortress.

medina in Tangier

historial Architecture and charm in tanger tourism in morocco
local produit and craft in the agadir the old city tourism in moroccot

Traditions and history

Agadir, this splendid multi-cultural city where welcoming Souss inhabitants live at its own pace, reveals many masterpieces of modern architecture, and a cultural heritage of the richest.

medina in Agadir-Taghazout

History and its architectural heritage

This small town, land of superlatives, stands out with its singularity. From its splendid world-famous pottery, which is always designed with the same delicacy, to the buildings of the mythical Kechla, it will amaze you everytime you visit it.

medina in Safi

safi traditional pottery for shopping tourism in morocco
musique andalouse

City walks and rambles

A coastline of fine golden sand, picturesque landscapes, luxurious infrastructure, and a wealth of historical remains, the Oujda-Saidia region is the cradle of the cultural heritage of the East.

medina in Oujda-Saïdia

The untainted charm of Marrakech

With its bustling, colourful and luminous souks, Marrakech has a unique charm. Spicy and sweet encounters around delicious food, the ochre city awakens all the senses of its visitors, inviting them to explore unexpected places.

medina in Marrakech

traditional souk and crafts for your shopping in marakech
the Medersa of Attarine a historical monument in fes

Treasures of the past

As you roam through the old medina's alleys, you'll get an idea of its historical heritage with influences from Arab, Jewish and Andalusian cultures. Fez, is in fact the cultural and spiritual capital of the Kingdom.

medina in Fez

The Rbati secrets

The capital of the Kingdom, Rabat, has many unknown assets. By contemplating its historical monuments, its business district or its trendy marina, you will be able to see how this city of light has evolved through time.

medina in Rabat

leather ware on the souk
casbah and natural flawers in chefchaouen tourism in morocco

Chefchaouen, an outstanding heritage and architecture

Stroll every corner of Morocco's most cosmopolitan city ! Immerse yourself in a spiritual and historical journey between traditions and modernity.

medina in Chefchaouen, the charming bride

The Capital City of Moulay Ismail

Founded by Sultan Moulay Ismail, Meknes is one of the oldest cities in the Kingdom. From Royal stables, to ornamental gardens, to mosques, and medersas, discover the spots reminiscent of the Alaouite architecture footprints.

medina in Meknes

Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail in Meknes
tétouan monument history Architecture tdisciver the historicals monuments and Architecture in tétouan city tourism in moroccoourism morocco

The treasures of Tetouan

Tetouan, the white dove that spreads its wings between Rif and Mediterranean, is offering an exceptional setting to its visitors. How to remain insensitive to the charm of its alleys and medinas which conceal the cultural heritage of the Andalusian civilizations.

medina in Tetouan