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Medina in Tetouan

The treasures of Tetouan

The treasures of Tetouan

Tetouan, the Mediterranean blue pearl

With lime walls building, Tetouan has dove's look ! Strolling its alleys, you’re welcome to the subtle mixture of its cultures.

Past the walls of the medina, walk on the footmarks of Andalusia in one of the most beautiful and lively city of Morocco, now classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stroll the alleys lined with green and white houses reminiscent of Seville or Granada. In front of the doors, in the squares, craftsmen working their best crafts ; painters work on wood, embroiderers known as the "Jebliates" sell their mendils in Guersa El Kébira, which are colourful pieces of fabric in red, blue or white.  Hispano-Moorish art is not to be outdone. In the Mellah, the Jewish quarter of the medina, you’ll find shops whose main artery leads to the Royal Palace.

Leaving the old town, you discover a completely different architecture. For a certain period, under Hispanic protectorate, Tetouan has multiplied the monuments of European style. The old Spanish casino, to the church Our Lady of Victory, or the General Library are some of the many unique constructions of the city.

The lively Tetouan is also home to festive celebration that will pamper you with bustling vibes. Either in the Mediterranean film festival, or the comic strip festival and the festival devoted to women's voices, revel in bright lights of the city !

To discover Tetouan is to uncover a deep-rooted history, and wonderful encounters, while soaking in the multicultural influences. 

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