Morocco, Land of Football

Sport in Tetouan

Keeping active in Tetouan

Keeping active in Tetouan

Tetouan, is where heritage blend with modern cultures

Called « the White dove of Morocco », Tetouan is a picturesque city with colourful cultures. Sport is substantial part of the leisure activities that the city offers ; the Golf being a the most popular one.

With the "Cabo Negro" golf course designed by Hawtree & Sons in 1976 and renovated by the architect Cabell B. Robinson, luxurious sport lovers can experience a challenging 18-hole course. Indulge in the sport, overcome the challenges of crossing wide fairways, as well as the obstacles of dunes, shrubs and wind from the Mediterranean.

On the shores of the Mediterranean, the city also offers a wide range of water sports activities. In Tetouan, modern infrastructure of Tamuda Bay will make your stay a memorable one. Along the 15 kilometres of coastline, you can try your hand at jet-skiing, water skiing, windsurfing, sea kayaking and also fitness in a thalassotherapy centre which is equipped with all the amenities.

In the hinterland, marvelous reliefs contribute to a breathtaking scenery.

Experience nautical activities in Tamuda Bay in the region of Tetouan

Tetouan, the multicural city

Tetouan invites you to a thrilling moments in this city, where sport and nature bond together to offer you an unforgettable experience !

This mountainside city, with its unchanged centuries-old history that seamlessly blends with its modern part, is where you’ll want to come back.

Venture into the hinterland, where the rifan reliefs form a splendid setting for hiking or trekking. In these mountains, you’re invited to experience some fun and relaxing activities away from the bustling city.

In this picturesque lively city, you can invogorate your mind in its peaceful shores, and explore its most untamed areas.

Experience nautical activities in Tamuda Bay in the region of Tetouan

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