Morocco, Land of Football

Meknes, the laid-back city

Meknes, an absolute open-air museum

The Medina of Meknes and the remains of the royal palace have earned it an undisputable place on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

On El Hedime square, Bab Mansour, one of the masterpieces of Hispano-Moorish art, is the gateway to the medina. Don’t miss visiting the royal stables and granaries of Sultan Moulay Ismail.

In the North of Meknes, stands the largest Roman archaeological site in Morocco, which is Volubilis. Triumphal arch, capitol, house of Bacchus, everything bears witness to the splendour of the city and to its economic and political weight.

Being an imperial and eternal citiy, Meknes offers you the experience of a timeless stay full of heritage discovery.


Popular in Meknes

  1. Volubilis
  2. Bab Mansour
  3. Medersa Bou inania
  4. Mausoleum Moulay Ismail
  5. Royal stables of Moulay Ismail

The essentials of Meknes

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