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Nature in Meknes

Meknes, between plains, mountains, and thermal spas

Meknes, between plains, mountains, and thermal spas

Meknes, one of the beautiful imperial cities

The plain of Saïss where the city is located, is overlooking the mountains of the Middle Atlas. Contemplate these reliefs that range from majestic cedars covering the slopes, to the waters break that form lakes and invigorating springs. Both the springs of "Oulmès" and "Vittel" invite you to explore them more closely. On foot, by bike, or on horseback, explore these marvellous paintings of nature. Go to El "Hajeb" to see the Lion Cave, a natural curiosity. Climb on the cliffs, walk along them ; in front of your eyes, the plain unfolds, a magnificent perspective that will stick in your memory. Elsewhere, it is a mountain lake: its pure and fresh waters are also full of fish. Why not cast a line in it !

With the Middle Atlas Mountains on the horizon, Meknes has some great surprises in store for all lovers of wide open spaces.

Admire the untainted beauty of Meknes

A generous nature

The mountains of the Middle Atlas contain treasures. Delve into this hinterland that is watered by torrents and discover another aspect of the surroundings of Meknes.

Near Sefrou, there is an unmissable invigorating waterfall ; the Aggai wadi follows its course until it flow down from the relief in a series of small charming waterfalls. The picturesque site offer a perfect excursion for families.

At Moulay Yacoub, you can swim and enjoy the hot spring and have a peaceful moment.

Not far away, the famous Ifrane await you ! In this mountain city nicknamed, the Little Switzerland, culminates at an altitude of 1,650 metres. All around, cedars cover the relief. Skiing or fishing are one of the fun and exciting activities you can indulge in. Numerous lakes embellish the region, offering the possibility to cast a few lines in the hope of good catches.

A little away from the city of Meknes, the hinterland is not lacking in attractions ; you can hike, ski, fish, and have a good time of relaxation.

Admire the untainted beauty of Meknes

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