Morocco, Land of Football

Medina in Meknes

The Capital City of Moulay Ismail

The Capital City of Moulay Ismail

The Magnetic city of Meknes

The ramparts that rise up and enclose the city of Meknes, seem to seperate it from the rest of the kingdom. To pass through one of the gates, is to enter another universe, back in time of the sultans.

The beauty of the medina and its charms have earned it a UNESCO recognition. Known as the "Versailles of Morocco", Meknes is an ancient place of power and prestige marked by the footprints of Sultan Moulay Ismaïl who reigned the city. Go to his palace and discover the monumental gate which inspired the popular writer Pierre Loti. A little far away, the mausoleum preserves the remains of the benefactor of Meknes. The royal stables and attics will leave you speechless !

Meknes boasts a generous hinterland that range from orchards, to olive groves and vineyards. A few kilometres from the city, the Roman ruins of Volubilis still stand and make up one of the most beautiful archaeological sites on the planet.

Indulge in a discovery journey in Meknes, and soak up in this special atmosphere, which is a harmonious blend of the most ambitious human achievements.


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