Morocco, Land of Football

A land of graciousness

Typical accommodation for an authentic stay

A warm welcome, magnificent landscapes, a secular culture, everything was thought to offer you an unforgettable stay. Whatever solution you choose, the charm of Moroccan art of living will not fail to surprise you !

Tea ceremony

When you’re invited, you are being served tea ! People traditionally get to know each other while having a thirst-quencher tea. It’s hard to decline any such invitation even when you’ve just had a drink a while ago. Nothing is better than a warm welcoming accompanied by some tasty Moroccan delicacies.

Mint tea

Guide and accomodation

You may lose all our bearings when travelling, especially when it comes to communicate with local people, but in Morocco you’ll feel at home. Moroccan unparalleled hospitality will make your trip a lot more easier ! Without even asking, you’ll be given advises but also places to stay in ! Several mobile applications are there to help you out and give you lots of practical information and guidance during your stay.



Riads, hotels and inns: Moroccan traditionnal take !

Inside of the famous medinas, the Riads and guest houses will shower you with warm reception and affection.You won’t fail to find authenticity in the mountains or in the valleys neither, if you decided to stay at the inhabitant's, in a lodging, an inn or in Kashbah made of mud-brick. And for those who dream of deserts and oases, a bivouac in the Sahara is tailor made for you.