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Medina in Agadir-Taghazout

Traditions and history

Traditions and history

Experience Agadir’s rich heritage

Agadir owes much of its reputation to its bay and its inexhaustible hinterland. Not to forget its outstanding culture side. It’s a city where heritage treasures seamlessly blend with the modern side of it.

Leave behind the ocean's shores and cross the walls of the medina. Roam through the narrow streets lined with walls decorated with zelliges, and pass under elaborate doors to meet and learn the skills of the gadiris craftsmen. Then join the Kasbah, perched on a rock 236 metres high. The earthquake of 1960 surprinsingly saved the building, and for five centuries now, the Kasbah with various influences, has been protecting the city.

In the medina, a museum pays tribute to Amazigh culture. Craftsmen make jewellery and artists play intoxicating tunes. Music is also in vogue in Agadir, and a number of festivals are held there all year round, notably the Timitar festival, dedicated to world music or the famous concert for tolerance.

Agadir is also a culinary culture  that makes use of the foodstuffs of its outstanding hinterland. Delight your taste buds with various specialties, flatter your palate with a delicious monkfish with lemon confit or a chicken tagine with honey, almonds and grapes.

So much for the beautiful Agadir : a varied culture that takes place in a cheerful and always lively city.

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