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Nature in Chefchaouen,-The-Charming-Bride

Chefchaouen, a picture perfect nature

Chefchaouen, a picture perfect nature

The untainted beauty of Chefchaouen

How not to fall under the charm of the natural landscapes of Chefchaouen, in this city with the allure of "Game Of Thrones" ? It’s not by chance that Talassemtane National Park and the Bouhachem Natural Park were both created with the aim to protecte the sites and promote the development of ecotourism.

In the middle of the 60,000 hectares of this mountainous massif and its forests of cedar, fir and pine trees, hiking lovers enjoy the trails that lead them to Kalaa, Tissouka Mountain, Akchour or Azilane. Each destination will shower you with its unique atmosphere : from the famous Dieu Bridge, a natural arch located 25 meters high near Akchour, to the Cherafat waterfalls surrounding the mosque whose melodies composed by water will soothe you, to the Ras Al Maa springs known as the Toughoubit cave.

Not the be outdone, the beaches of Oued Laou and Targha, famous for their untainted beauty, which is an ideal spot for sea lovers.

Let yourself be tempted by the Moroccan blue pearl.

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