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A can’t-miss spot for outdoor activities

A can’t-miss spot for outdoor activities

Adventure in all its forms

Being one of the Pearl cities of Morocco, Chefchaouen has a long-standing and impressive cultural heritage and untainted beauty of nature to boast about. Far away from the centre, you’ll explore the marvellous setting in which the city is beautifully is located as well as the endless activities available.

With Rif mountains wonderfully decorating Chefchaouen, the city is built at the foot of the Kelaa and Meggou mountains. Its reliefs form a magnificent landscapes in the middle of which is a great spot to indulge in pleasant hiking moments. Whether it’s on foot, by bike or on donkey back, stroll the paths, cross a cedar forest and discover the few hamlets established on these heights.

These mountains are also home to numerous deep caves, that are pierced by hundreds of metres of galleries that can be explored by speleologists. With rivers and streams criss-crossing the city, Chefchaouen offers ideal water sports activities for a thrill-seekers ; the Laou wadi can be rafted down while other rivers are crossed by canoes.

While enjoying some photo shoots in its magnetic blue alleys, go exploring the adventurous side of the city !

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