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Medina in Chefchaouen,-The-Charming-Bride

Chefchaouen, an outstanding heritage and architecture

Chefchaouen, an outstanding heritage and architecture

Soak up the sights and culture in Chefchaouen

Built on the mountainside, narrow and winding streets with that charming blue glow, gives a unique charm to the city with a look of a dream. This magnetic city invites you to take a stroll and explore its rich heritage, while admiring the architectural treasures that decorate its alleys, and having a good time with the local inhabitants.

When the sun goes down, and its rays no longer cross the walls of the Medina, the azure atmosphere draw you into a unique scenery where the Kasbah of Chefchaouen stands. Surrounded by gardens, greens succeed shades of blue, forming in the city a small oasis of freshness, the Kasbah looks like a museum ; a collection of ancient weapons, photos and textiles are displayed.

The city is also worth a visit for its handicrafts. The wood, wool and tanning trades are common. Fort art lovers, get introduced to vivid arts of weaving and carpentry alongside passionate workers, and share with your loved ones, your best memories and gifts.

Take a piece of Chefchaouen with you !

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