Morocco, Land of Football

Medina in Casablanca

The Moroccan dolce vita

The Moroccan dolce vita

Chase the excitment in Casablanca

Casablanca is a well-designed modern city with all the conveniences you can think of : from comfortable hotels, to a multi-mode transportation system with great coverage and suitable infrastructure. For explorers, the city offers you intruiguing experiences and entertainment from January to December.

Discover its cultural schedule that’s one of the most jam-packed in the country ! National and international stars perform at the various festivals, concerts, shows and other cultural happenings. The best-known events are the Jazzablanca Festival, Boulevard Tremplin and the Casablanca Festival.

The city's energy radiates throughout the whole region. Casablanca is a can't-miss destination for party people looking for memorable moments. Clubs and restaurants hum to the beat of trendy music, and keep you dancing all night long !

Casablanca is a unique lifestyle, where tangible and intangible culture are equally important. Get immersed in its heritage, and magnetic atmosphere !

At the crossroads of cultures

Casablanca, the cosmopolitan city

Casablanca is an enigma for historians. Wit hits mysterious origins, its neighborhoods and its monuments have much to say about its history.

When you explore the port, check out the Sqala Bastion, a fortified complex from the 18th century that is now a chic restaurant-cafe where diners come in droves in order to enjoy delicious local dishes. Not far from the port, you arrive to its splendid medina. Rebuilt after the 1755 earthquake, which makes it the newest medina in the country, and the most original one. Inside of its walls, Arabic-Islamic architecture seamlessly blend with European influence. In the middle of this eclectism, artisans animate the district with their daily labors.

An entirely different setting awaits you downtown. Here, the unique urban design, the wide boulevards and the expansive plazas bordered by Art Deco buildings evoke the former colonial occupation.

No visitor should miss the solemn Hassan II Mosque which is located on the ocean shore, for it’s one of the biggest and most beautiful mosques in the Muslim world. Walk over the threshold and the splendid scenery at the interior decor embellished by precious woods, marble and onyx. Look at the pillars and ceilings and admire the symmetry of their arabesques and zelliges. Everywhere you look there are scrolls and embellished doors. It is undoubtedly a wonderful place !

Meandering through the White City, Casablanca, takes you on a journey through time introducing your to a place, shaped by myriad influences.


At the crossroads of cultures

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