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Beach in Casablanca

Casablanca: A great seaside resort

Casablanca: A great seaside resort

Casablanca, in front of the Atlantic ocean

Casablanca, the bustling economic capital of the Kingdom, boasts its splendid coastline where it’s enjoyable and good to relax after a hectic day or cultural discoveries.

Being a city with a rich heritage and modern and varied infrastructures, Casablanca varies its opportunities by offering perfectly equipped beaches. Right in the centre, on the cornice of Ain Diab, complexes combining private beaches, water parks and fitness centres, offer you a plethora of activities. Ideally equipped, the beach of Ain Diab offers you to try your hand at jet-skiing, windsurfing or simply enjoy the sun, relaxed on a deckchair. The long and beautiful coastline, lined with cafes, restaurants and clubs, allows you, to enjoy food and drinks, and revel in the Casablanca nightlife in the evening.

A few kilometres away from the metropolis, other seaside resorts are all at your disposal. Discover Dar Bouazza and its private beaches covered with fine sand and sun loungers on which to relax. Visit Bouznika at its hotel complex, Bouznika Bay, where you’ll find all the amenities and a golf course on which to enjoy your swing !

Fun and relaxation activities are awaiting you on the Casablanca coast !

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