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Medina in El-Jadida-Mazagan

The Secrets of El Jadida

The Secrets of El Jadida

El Jadida, a view from the top of its strongholds

El Jadida stands as a sentinel on the shores of the Atlantic. Built with towers bordered by the ocean, and surrounded by stunning ramparts, the ancient Portuguese fortified city charms its visitors. Numerous bastions still rise there allowing you to enjoy a wonderful view of the city.

In front of you is the medina with its ochre walls and interlacing of its narrow streets, as well as the famous Portuguese cistern whose vaults were used as decoration for Orson Welles' Othello. The old quarter is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the shores where there stands the Sidi Bouafi lighthouse, which has been guiding sailors to the entrance of the port for nearly a century, spend a peaceful moment gazing at the beautiful scenery.

A clear weather will allow you to admire the small western town of Moulay Abdellah located in the surroundings of the town. Every year, a moussem is held there during which the best horsemen of the country perform. In the east, the historic town of Azemmour is a beautiful urban landscape not to be overlooked.

The heights of the bastion have just revealed to you the richness of El Jadida awaiting you. Set out for a journey of discovery of the heritage of the city more closely !

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