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Medina in Tangier

A bridge between Europe and Africa

A bridge between Europe and Africa

A city between two worlds

Tangier is a bustling city where heritage harmoniously blend with modern culture. The treasures of Hispano-Moorish architecture as well as the wonderful craft industry goes hand-in-hand with the most cheerful festivals and modern creations.

Tangier is a crossroads where influences converge. Its Kasbah as well as the Mendoubia Park are side by side with an ancient well-preserved medina. Not far away, the Plaza de Toros or the Cervantes theatre, and the Hafa café are where Sean Connery and the Rolling Stones enjoyed a mint tea.

Not to be outdone, artists who have chosen Tangier as their dream destination. The city has always inspired the greatest : Delacroix, Matisse, Tennessee Williams and Paul Bowles have all fallen under its charm. In this bustling city, a Jazz festival is held every year, and soi s the Mediterranean Nights which is an event celebrating tunes from all three continents.

On the borders of Europe and Africa, Tangier is a cosmopolitan city, where you’ll travel through time !


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