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Shopping in Tangier

The typical handicrafts of northern Morocco

The typical handicrafts of northern Morocco

Northern local products and crafts

Tangier is such an open-air museum. In its streets, the treasures bear witness to its long-standing and deep-rooted history ; everywhere, monuments evoke the glories of the past. This lively city is not to be overlooked : Echoes resound in the souks, as does the use of tools of the craftsmen.

Two markets make the reputation of Tangier : the big Socco and the small one. In the lively streets of the medina, the traders are busy: here, it is an early market: lemons, olives, figs, all the colours of the sun are displayed on its stall; and there, a passer-by offers you his products while a tanner beats hides and refine them. Take a break for a moment, join the little Socco and sit on the terrace of one of these cafés sought-after by the greatest artists.

Fertile land, lively souks, hospitable craftsman, and unique objects constantly being redefined, that's the charm of Tangier ! 

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