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Beach in Tangier

Tangier : Serene and sandy beaches

Tangier : Serene and sandy beaches

Tangier : swimming past the strait of Gibraltar

Opening on the Strait of Gibraltar, the white Tangier is one of those places where cultural aspect seamlessly blends with those of a preserved nature ; a place where it is good to find mindfullness.

The city's main beach is easy to reach ; right in the centre, it stretches its expanses of fine white sand close to the most beautiful hotels, allowing you to indulge in farniente, or experience water skiing, sailing and even scuba diving in calm and safe waters. Its landscaped coastline is lined with cafés and restaurants where you can have a drink or taste the seafood. In the evening, the atmosphere is warm and lively. Revel in the bright lights of the place and enjoy music vibes !

Off the coast of Tangier, near the caves of Hercules, an almost deserted beach await you. Solo in nature, you can only enjoy the landscapes and the serenity of the site.

Tangier is all this : beaches that combine comfort and authenticity, where the most famous panoramas blend with the most modern infrastructures.

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