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Nature in Dakhla

Kitesurfing, diving and water activities in Dakhla Lagoon

Kitesurfing, diving and water activities in Dakhla Lagoon

The natural ressources of Dakhla

One of the most beautiful cities in Morocco, Dakhla is a seaside town. You can relaxe at the edge of its lagoon, swin in the seawater, while having fun there. Being gateway that leads to the desert, Dakhla is also an adventure spot where to practice thrillinga activities and explore the hidden treasures.

Going for a Marine expedition or a land expedition ? The first one takes you to hunt waterfowl. In the middle of the fishy waters of Dakhla, you can indulge your passion for fishing with your feet in the water : Throw your line in the waves, practice surfcasting, pick a Zodiac, move away from the shore, catch a bigger fish.

For an adventure experience outside of the shores, the Sahara and its mysteries awaits you. In a 4x4, cross the sands, quench your thirst at the source of Asma and set off to discover the White Dune. You can also ride a camel, explore the desert on the trail of old civilizations, and admire the paintings that nature composes, among the most beautiful ones on the planet.

Much more than a place to relax, Dakhla will take you to a sensational journey of unexpected moments.

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