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Medina in Oujda-Saidia

City walks and rambles

City walks and rambles

Relaxation and discovery in the North-eastern

Saidia and Oujda, are two complementary cities. The Blue Pearl of Morocco, Saidia welcomes you in its state-of-the-art hotel facilities, that are both comfortable and environmentally friendly.

Oujda is a completely different atmosphere. The city has a lont-standing history that blends seamlessly with modern culture. Going there is like walking in front of an ancient city, it's like strolling streets with a thousand-year-old history. In the medina, you’ll discover the "old Morocco". The walled district take you to a journey through time.

Oujda is an absolute open-air musuem. The Sebti Palace symbolizes the cultural centre of the city. Receptions, exhibitions, all kinds of celebrations, music, painting, and arts, create a lovely atmosphere there.

While Saidia boasts about the soft atmosphere of its Mediterranean, Oujda hides treasures of history !

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