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Nature in Oujda-Saidia

Calm and serenity in Oujda

Calm and serenity in Oujda

Untainted beauty of Nature

To the north of Saidia, the waters of the Mediterranean. To the south, the beautiful Oujda. Between land and sea, these two cities offer you a variety of landscapes and offer you the best of its adventure activities.

All around Saïdia, nature boasts marvellous landscapes, to which you can get through organized excursions. A few kilometres away from the city, Cape Ras-El-Ma is juste another wonder not to miss.

The coastline is made up of cliffs at the foot of which lies a magnificent white sandy beach. Adventure lovers will climb to the heights of the cape and, from there, contemplate the panorama, the dunes strewn with its eucalyptus trees. Still in the vicinity of Saidia, a visit to Moulouya is a must for all nature lovers. This high-ranked site is home to all sorts of plants and many beautoful birds.

A world of possibilities is withing your reach. You con't be bored throughout your stay in Oujda-Saïdia !

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