Morocco, Land of Football

Medina in Fez

Treasures of the past

Treasures of the past

Fez, an enthralling culture

Fez is an absolute open-air museum. The succession of civilizations has accumulated treasures. Its medina being the oldest and largest city in Morocco, all the craftsmen are gathered, from tanners to weavers, dinandiers and potters. Its streets are decorated with architectural masterpieces, and its squares are meeting places where an ancestral art of living is expressed through confident yet delicate gestures.

Stroll through the interlacing alleys of the imperial city. Enter the Bab Boujloud gate and admire the sophistication of Arab-Andalusian art ; the zelliges of blue and jade that adorn it, the scrolls that carve out its openings. In the distance, you can see the minaret of the Karaouiyine mosque ; the doors of knowledge will welcome you, those of the oldest university in the world.

Take advantage of the calm pace of city life, and enjoy one of the most delicious gastronomy in the world.

Not to be outdone, the festivals. World sacred Music, culinary Arts or Jazz in Riads ; throughout the year, they liven up the squares and streets of the former imperial capital.

Fez is a modern city where the past and the present meet, and where the arts and treasures of the ancestors still stand.


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