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Shopping in Fez

Stroll the stunning places of Fez

Stroll the stunning places of Fez

A city of ancestral arts

In the medina of Fez, time sometimes seems to stand still. Past its high walls, a crowd of craftsmen are busy making and selling typical handicrafts.

Raom throug the medina of Fez. As you stroll its alleys, many buildings and institutions will hold your attention ; riads at the end of the street, "madrasas" near mosques, museums and art galleries stand perfectly in the heartland of Fez "El-Bali", which means "old".

Visit the market of El "Henna", which is famous for the products used by Moroccan women for beauty care. Henna-based products for hair and everything you need for a complete "Hammam" ritual are one of the popular delights of the place. In the "Nejjarines" district, the decoration smells the wood. Several craftsmen settle there for woodworking.

Upon visiting the pottery and ceramics markets, you’ll have an immediate taste of a whishful comeback. One of the most beautiful Moroccan handicrafts is produced there : that of the "blue of Fez".

Regional Association of Guest Houses of Fez and its region.

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