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Nature in Taroudant

Taroudant, a window to moutains and desert

Taroudant, a window to moutains and desert

The mountainous Taroudant

Taroudant is surrounded by walls, of which ramparts make its own charm, that attracts travellers from all over the world. Exploring this region is so tempting that you couldn’t resist.  Uncover the wild nature of it, and walk along the summits that stand there.

Nestled in the mountains of the High Atlas and the Anti-Atlas, Taroudant is the starting point for many treks and hikes. Lovers of wide open spaces, will find serenity with a complete change of scenery that alternate between steep reliefs and sunny valleys. Climb the mountain, cross rivers and torrents, and discover a different side of Morocco.

Enjoy the many excursions out there that will lead you to the oasis of Tioute, 37 kilometres from Taroudant. There, a lush palm grove expands that crosses the surrounding desert. Nearly 4,000 inhabitants still live there growing barley, wheat or carob. You can observe them and learn about their everyday life. At the top of the hill, an ancient Kasbah stands in the middle of nature with a cultural hue with an attractive effect.

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