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Shopping in Agadir-Taghazout

The splendid array of local products

The splendid array of local products

The treasures of the hinterland

The sun that shines above Agadir makes wonders, and Shopping seems to benefit from it. Expect to boost your sense of well-being as you experience the beautiful local products.

Morocco's argan trees grow throughout the area, with its oil being a precious commodity that has made Agadir famous. If you leave the city, you can visit one of the many cooperatives found throughout the surrounding area and learn about the know-how used to produce the argan oil that is used for culinary and cosmetic purposes by Amazigh people. Why not spend some time at a spa or at one of the fitness and wellness centers in Agadir ! They are a wonderful place to enjoy the benefits of the argan tree and its oil, which many believe can make miracles.

Agadir is a also a destination for food lovers. The outlying farmland is fertile, supporting almond trees and thousands of flowers, which yield some of the most delicious honeys in the country. Agadir cuisine draws inspiration from all these flavors to serve up delectable dishes like saffron rice balls and chicken tagine with honey to delight your taste buds !

Come to Agadir, where shopping is redefining its meaning !

Explore the magnetic shops for a stroll

A craft with various influences

A magnificent bay, beaches with expansive golden sands and sunshine 360 days year-round … A plethora of attractions in the beautiful Agadir to which we must add the pleasures of shopping ! Well positionned, the city benefits from a hinterland rich in local products. It is also a meeting place where Arab-Muslim and Amazigh civilizations converge, but also a place that honors the small arts of everyday life.

Experience the best of shopping in the rebuilt medina of Agadir. Roam through its bright streets perfumed by eucalyptus trees and resonating with the sound of craftsmen making their works. Go to the El Had souk, where you’ll find everything that makes the charm of the Moroccan markets. The stalls are overflowing with fresh fruit, and spices are bathing these lively streets with heady fragrances. Elsewhere, other shops are dedicated to clothing, leather and copper work.

Walking through Agadir and its region is also to discover the nomadic craftsmanship, and the popular jewellery. In the Souss, in Tiznit, Inezgane and Taroudant, craftsmen offer unique little marvels : from earrings, to necklaces and silver pendants decorated with coral, to coloured glass beads and amber.

Shopping in Agadir takes you on a cultural journey. From shop to shop, explore the little treasures of local craftsmanship !


Explore the magnetic shops for a stroll

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