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Shopping in Marrakech

From traditional craftsmanship to luxury shops

From traditional craftsmanship to luxury shops

Delve into the bustling souks of Marrakech

Walk in the narrow and sinuous streets lined with overflowing food displays. As you stroll, you can hear the haggling in the different famous souks of Marrakech.

Traditional arts are displayed in these markets. Through a gate, you’ll find yourself in the Semmarine souk, which is one of the most interesting markets in Morocco. Both Amazigh and Arabic craftsmanship are animating its alleys. Every artisan has a stall, where they display selections of ornamental candles, earthenware, lights and more.

Other markets around the city have their own stalls. The Attarine souk, one of the popular ones, is dedicated to brass and copper work : from bronze to gilded copper, the sumptuous objects come in every possible shade and dress up any table with their finely wrought details. A bit further, tanners and dyers work on all sorts of leather, filling the streets with babouches and other leather goods and flooding the air with the heady scent of hides naturally tanned.

Marrakech is a true microcosm of Moroccan handicraft. Soak up the colors and the culture in its souks and discover the treasures of everyday arts.


Shopping break in Marrakech

Shop until you drop on the ochre city

In Marrakech, tradition and modernity always blend harmoniously. Shopping is no exception to this rule.

In the souks, you’ll discover an authentic trade : in front of the trader, you’ll trade in local foodstuffs, works of craftsmanship. A few steps away from these shopping alleys, the Gueliz district await you. In this market, biggest local and international brands, on the main arteries of the city and in the shopping centres, offer jewellery, clothes and shoes for any stylista. From shop to shop, you indulge in the exhilarating experience of shopping.

This union of tradition and modernity is particularly evident in the design of some of the city's craftsmen. The latter give ancestral creations a whole new concept. Arts of metallurgy, completly redesigned by Maillechort ; this alloy of copper, zinc and nickel is particularly desired by Moroccan creators, and is used for mirrors, trays, and jewellery, that fit perfectly with the most modern interiors and ornaments.

From the bustling alleys of the souks to the luxurious shops of Gueliz, there is something for every taste !

Shopping break in Marrakech

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